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"What in the World" #6

Published 1955 circa

All rights are reserved by the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology (Penn Museum). Any use of the footage in productions is forbidden unless rights have been secured by contacting the Penn Museum Archives at 215-898-8304, or email

This film and all of the films in the Penn Museum collection are copyrighted by the Penn Museum, and are not in the public domain.

Producer WCAU TV (CBS, Philadelphia)
Audio/Visual sound, b&w


British version of "What in the World"

BBC's "Animal, Vegetable, or Mineral" panel including "What in the World's" host: Dr. Froelich Rainey, Director of the Penn Museum

Dr. Alfred Kidder- UPenn; authority of people and cultures of the New World
Jacques Lipchitz- sculptor
Dr. Robert Eddinghausen,(?) Freer Galleries, Smithsonian Institution


Film Print of CBS-broadcasted television program, filmed at WCAU TV Studios.
"What in the World was the Museum's popular weekly half-hour television program which was first seen in 1951 and which ran for 14 years."
This episode features a combined show of "What in the World?" and "Animal, Vegetable, or Mineral" (the British version created by Mortimer Wheeler), with the panelists from both shows examining the same objects, on both sides of the Atlantic.
Froelich Rainey, moderator; Alfred Kidder II, Jacques Lipchitz, and Richard Ettinghausen panelists. From the British show: Glyn Daniel, moderator; Mortimer Wheeler, Froelich Rainey, and Geoffrey Bushnell.

Sheath for Dao or Headhunters Axe ("kitchen wear" "knife case"); Southern Sangtam Nagas, Assam. N.E. India;

Finger mask; used by women dancers in ceremonial festivals; Bering Strait, Alaska; Eskimo; late 19th Century

Foot bone of an elephant used as an anvil; found in England; 40,000 BC; Paleolithic Era;

Fossil; vertebrae of a fish like reptile; may have been used as a spindle wheel; found in Yorkshire, England; 150 million years ago

Bamboo toy pop gun; Uganda ; dated in the last 30yrs[1920s].


Reviewer: David.Chacon - - October 21, 2012
Subject: Sir Mortimer Wheeler on TV
I have been doing a research on Sir Mortimer Wheeler and so far this is the only clip available online showing him on TV.